Tucson Village Farm (TVF) is a working urban farm built by and for the youth of our community. A program of the Pima County Cooperative Extension and the University of Arizona, TVF is a seed-to-table program designed to reconnect young people to a healthy food system, teach them how to grow and prepare fresh food, and empower them to make healthy life choices. To accomplish this, Tucson Village Farm offers year-round, instructional, hands-on programs for youth of all ages. We target urban youth from all ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. The farm, located at 4210 N. Campbell Ave., serves as a safe urban location where youth can come to be out of doors and engage in physical activity while contributing to and participating in local food production, preparation, and consumption.By focusing on the building of soil, integrative pest management (IPM), weed management, crop rotation, and cover cropping, Tucson Village Farm is committed to practicing integrated farming techniques and stewardship of our land. All TVF produce is grown herbicide and pesticide free, with lots of love for and by the youth and our community.Tucson Village Farm relies on grants, private donations, and program fees in order to maintain and expand our programming. We have a proven track record of successfully leveraging every dollar in order to continue to bring our much-needed programming to Tucson’s youth. A true community-based program, TVF has partnered with over one hundred community organizations, businesses, schools, and governments to build our program up from the dirt lot that it was in January, 2010, to the successful seed-to-table program that it is today. In 2019, we reached a total of 15,030 youth and adults (11,053 youth and 3,977 adults). And we delivered a 62,117 hours of educational programming.What people are saying about Tucson Village Farm

“This has been the most awesome day of my life!”  — Farm camper 2013“The Growing Forward program was the most meaningful and valuable field trip I have been on in 14 years” — Elementary school teacher“You guys [Tucson Village Farm] are leading the way. You are doing great work!”  — First Lady, Michelle Obama“This program [Growing Forward] was heads and shoulders above any other field trip I have been on.”  — Parent and educator“Your 4-H Healthy Living Youth Ambassadors are simply one of the best groups of 4-H teens I have ever met: articulate, committed, diverse, generous, confident and full of purpose.”  — Jennifer Sirangelo, CEO National 4-H