The Adopt a Row program is perfect for both individuals and businesses; it is a perfect way to recognize a loved one or bring attention to your business or organization while supporting your local farm at the same time.  The name of the person or business, as well as a dedication or company information, will be displayed on beautiful signage at the front of each row.

Why should I adopt a row?  Tucson Village Farm is an education-based urban farm designed to teach youth how to grow and prepare fresh food.  Although we are a program of the University of Arizona and Pima County Cooperative Extension, we receive no direct funding for our programs.  Your support will go towards providing thousands of youth with quality hands-on educational programming.

What will happen to the produce from my row? All produce from your row will go toward feeding the youth that participate in our programming and their families, 75% of which are low-income.

Do I have to maintain the row?  No! We will do the weeding for you!  When you adopt a row you are providing financial support that will go towards the seeds, tools, irrigation supplies and labor required to grow the crop in that row.

Are all rows created equal? No, choose from one of the rows below:

Garden Row:  These are rows in our large educational garden area through which an average of 350 people walk each week.  Crops will include one or more of the 197 different varieties of vegetables we grow each year.  These rows are planted twice a year for both our summer and winter growing seasons.

Field Row:  These rows are located in our popcorn field and are home to our famous popcorn, our signature farm snack served to every child that visits the farm. In the off-season, a cover crop revives the soil for the next year’s popcorn planting.

What’s in it for me?  You will be identified as a row sponsor by a beautiful sign displaying the name and dedication of your choosing.  You will also receive a certificate with your row information and a VIP U-Pick discount card. Your sponsorship is 100% tax-deductible and you are welcome to visit your row anytime!

How long does my adoption last?  Row adoptions last for one calendar year from the date of sponsorship. And of course, you will be given first dibs on re-adopting your row for subsequent years!

Who do I contact about adopting a row? You can CLICK THE CHICK BELOW to adopt a row.


On the donation page, select the donation amount:

  • Garden Row $500
  • Field Row $250

Then in the comment section, be sure to tell us the name (or business name) you would like to have on your row and a dedication sentence or inspirational quote you’d like on your row sign.

If you have questions or would like to adopt a row, please contact Leza Carter at or (520) 621-1006.