Apply for a Fall Internship at the Farm!

Bear down and farm on! Apply for a Fall Internship with TVF.

“Teaching kids how to feed themselves and how to live in a community responsibly is the center of an education.” 
― Alice Waters, in Mother Jones, 1995
At Tucson Village Farm we are looking for dedicated and hardworking interns to help us reconnect young people to a healthy food system, teach them how to grow and prepare fresh food, and empower them to make healthy life choices. Complement your own education—and build your resume—with the first-hand experience, skills and stories that come from working with elementary students from across Southern Arizona on our renowned teaching farm.
Farm Assistant interns will assist with the daily operations of the farm, including: planting, harvesting, processing, food distribution, weeding, tilling, digging, raking, etc. Education Interns will primarily support our flagship and renowned educational program “Growing Forward” and will teach youth and adults about arid land food production, nutrition, natural resource conservation, traditional composting and vermicomposting, and physical activity.
Due to the degree of training involved, Farm Assistant interns must commit to a minimum of 8 hours each week and Education interns must commit to 4 hours each week for an entire semester to be considered. All positions require consistent punctuality and a high standard of professionalism. 
For more information contact Katie Bernal at (412) 225-2377, or Click here to download an application.

Farm to Fork: Nutrition and Culinary Skills Internship

We are looking for dedicated and hardworking interns to perform a variety of tasks at the farm. The Farm to Fork interns will research, plan, and execute nutritious farm based snacks, samples and meals; develop and execute curriculum to teach youth, adults and families at culinary camps, workshops, farmers' markets and low-income schools; and assist in planning, developing and overseeing food safety protocols as we build our new commercial teaching kitchen!
Due to the degree of training involved, the Farm to Fork interns must commit to 4-8 hours/wk depending on individual program requirements.
Mondays 8-12 ,  Tuesdays 8-12, Thursdays 8-12
Contact Becky Lim at: