An important message to everyone!

Please watch this IMPORTANT message from AJ West!

On May 14th, 2019 our hearts broke. We learned the devastating news that one of our own, Jason Isles, had died suddenly at only 20 years old. Jason started volunteering at the farm when he was in high school and then went on to serve 3 AmeriCorps terms with us. He was a shining light on the farm and we love/d him dearly. Recently we learned that Jason’s death was due to an accidental drug overdose; he had taken a street Xanax that had been laced with Fentanyl. We are committed to getting his story out there so people can understand the real risks of buying and taking illicit drugs.

It only takes two milligrams of Fentanyl to kill an adult. In Arizona, the deaths due to Fentanyl laced drugs is increasing year by year. If you do buy street drugs (for any reason), and are concerned that your pill could potentially be laced with Fentanyl, this map shows you where in Arizona Fentanyl-laced pills have been found and when. Sonoran Prevention Works is a grassroots group working to reduce vulnerabilities faced by individuals and communities impacted by drug use in Arizona. They provide people with resources to test pills, Naloxone kits, etc., and have several locations around Arizona, including Tucson.
If you need access to a clinic to receive prescription drugs (to avoid buying them from the streets) but are concerned by the costs there are many in Tucson that are income-based like the many locations of  El Rio Health Clinic Tucson Village Farm is here to support our community; if there are other resources that people need or that you think we can spread to others, please let us know! We are sad to have lost a member of our Farm-ily but we are committed to using Jason’s tragic death as a message to others; one loss due to poisoned street drugs is too many. We love you forever, Jason.