Danna Lopez

Danna Lopez was born in Riverside, California but grew up in Guamúchil (Sinaloa), Mexico. Danna moved to Tucson, Arizona four years ago from Hermosillo (Sonora), Mexico. While Danna values her Mexican roots and culture, she likes all the opportunities that Tucson has to offer. Danna would love to know more about other cultures and has dreams of traveling to Northern Europe one day.  She is a mother of a 9-year old girl (Ivanna) and a 12-year old boy (Daniel). Although a full-time mother, Danna has the ambition to become a registered dietitian. Danna holds a degree in nutritional sciences from the University of Durango Santander (Hermosillo campus) where she did an internship at the Sonora State Children’s Hospital in The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Danna is currently enrolled in an M.A. program in applied nutrition (dietetics emphasis) at the University of Arizona. Danna wants to work with infant children (preferably in a hospital setting) when she becomes a registered dietitian. Danna is thrilled to have an internship position at the Tucson Village Farm because of the farm's commitment to teaching children in the community about healthy lifestyles. In her free time Danna enjoys being with family, baking, swimming, and exercising.