Sabra Mayer

Sabra Mayer began serving with AmeriCorps at the Tucson Village Farm in 2022 after returning home to Tucson on a break from academics to understand herself better. In her youth she participated in the Pima County 4-H Horse Project, served on the Horse Advisory Board in 2017, and initiated the 4-H Horseless Horse Project. In 2020 she completed a residency at Skyfire Farm in West Virginia habilitating feral and abused ponies to be rehomed with families in partnership with the Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue. Sabra studied environmental science at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania from 2018 to 2021, where she was involved with the campus market garden, Meadville Mobile Farmers Market, Students for Environmental Action, Tamarack Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, and Crawford County Cooperative Extension. Sabra focused her attention on vegetables and community in 2021 while living in Ithaca, New York, working at Stick and Stone Farm. Rooted in her being and a naturalist at heart, Sabra deeply appreciates the sun, seasons, elements, and living beings of the earth. Her spirit is painted in brilliant colors, adorned in wild flowers, and often revealed in her spontaneity of dance and song.