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Spring Clothing Swap

Are your closets bursting with clothes you no longer wear? Do you dream of refreshing your wardrobe without breaking the bank or harming the planet? Look no further! Join us for the ultimate Clothing Swap Extravaganza!

In order to make this as organized as possible, please drop off your clothes PRIOR to the event anytime that works for you. 

We will have a drop-off bin in front of our Culinary Education Center at the Big Farm until the event begins. 

Are you new to clothing swaps? You bring anything you're ready to retire, and in turn, take what you love! 


What kind of clothes are you accepting?

All clothing - in good condition. We typically have more adult clothes, but we welcome children's clothing too! No socks (unless they're THE best socks), no underwear, and please, no clothing that is past the point of no return. Feel free to bring shoes and accessories as well. 

Where should I bring my clothes? 

Our contactless drop off is at our 'Big Farm,' and you're able to drop clothes off anytime prior to the 15th at the big blue igloo looking thing next to the "Little Free Library."

Why do I need to bring my clothes early?

If you drop your clothes off early, that gives us time to organize and separate clothes so it's easier for everyone to sort through on the day of. 

Can I bring clothes and not participate? 

Yes, please! The more clothes we collect, the better!

If I'm not able to bring my clothes early, can I bring them the day of? 

Yes, definitely. The more people that drop off early, the more organized we can be on the day of, but we understand life happens and if time gets away from you, still pop on by!

Can I participate if I don't bring clothes? 

Sure thing, you'll just pay the $12 entry and you're free to shop till you drop!

Can I bring children's clothes? 

We typically have more teen/adult clothing, but we will have a section for youth clothes as well. 

What will you do with any remaining clothes? 

Any remaining clothing will be donated to Savers, a supporter of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Arizona.


SEEKING Volunteers for this EPIC event! 

Interested in volunteering? 

Email Jess at 

This event will work best if the community works together; please share this with your friends! 

2 to 4 p.m., March 23, 2024