Wish List


If you don’t have time or extra cash to donate, maybe you have some things lying around your house that we could use. Take a moment to look at our ever-changing WISH LIST and see if you can help us cross a few things off!


Our current wish list:

  • Hand Mixers: We need a few good hand mixers to help in our cooking classes.
  • Sandwich board signs: so we can tell you what wonderful veggies are for sale or where something is happening
  • Lowe's Gift Cards:  We are always in need of gloves, tools, irrigation supplies, drill bits, nails, screws, and lumber.
  • Clippers: The smaller ones are better for the kids, preferably the ones that have a locking mechanism.
  • Art supplies:  Such as scissors, paint sets, markers
  • Baskets: We use baskets all of the time for harvesting.  Baskets of all shapes and sizes are always welcome.
  • Dry erase markers
  • Chalk board paint & chalk board pens
  •  Safe:  A security safe to store checks, cash and priceless seeds.
  • Paper cutter

If you have any of these treasures that you'd like to donate, please contact Elizabeth Sparks: esparks@arizona.edu