Get Involved

Teen Programs

4-H Healthy Living Ambassadors Club offers middle and high school students the opportunity to be trained as leaders to promote healthy lifestyle choices and sustainability within our community. The club offers hands-on fun with a variety of projects to choose from, monthly community meetings, as well as a requirement to volunteer at least 10 hours per semester at TVF or other community events.  Youth ages 12-18 can apply to participate in the program every August and commit to staying in the program for the entire school year. Contact Natalie Shepp ( for more information. 

UA Students

At Tucson Village Farm, education isn’t just for kids! If you are a UA student, you are eligible to receive class credit for the above opportunities. Simply speak with your advisor about getting involved with the Farm through an internship, independent study, or directed research. Please obtain applications through your advisor or college representative. Email completed applications to

Volunteering at the Farm

Are you interested in having hands caked in soil or breaking a sweat? Do you have a knack for teaching kids? Want to gain experience in growing plants in Tucson’s environment. Then volunteering at the Farm is just for you! Here's what we offer for volunteer opportunities...

Farm Work

As a farm work volunteer, you will help with growing the vegetables that TVF uses for educational programs. Our volunteers are taught and participate in all aspects of farming, including: preparing garden beds, weeding, turning compost, planting seeds, harvesting, caring for our chickens, and so much more. Farm work volunteer opportunities occur on the following days and times:
Mondays & Wednesdays
  • 7 am — 11 am (May — August)

  • 8 am — 12 pm (September — April)

  • 5 pm — 7 pm (May — August)

  • 4 pm — 6 pm (September — April)

**Kid-friendly volunteer opportunities for youth ages 12 and younger are available on Tuesdays. Here you and your child can complete several “farm chores” while also participating in our U-Pick Market!
If you wish to participate in our farm work volunteering, we ask that you arrive fully prepared for the elements. This includes:
  • Protective, comfortable clothing that can get dirty (close-toed shoes, hats, sunglasses)
  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Anything else you think might be important for you (snacks, medications, bug spray, etc.)
If you have further questions regarding farm work volunteering, please email

Growing Forward: Education Volunteer

TVF’s mission is to reconnect young people to a healthy food system, teach them how to grow and prepare fresh food, and empower them to make healthy life choices. We accomplish this in part by facilitating hundreds of school field trips for pre-kindergarten through 5th grade students. Our flagship “Growing Forward” program is a two hour, hands-on experience which cycles students through various stations of the farm where they learn about food production, composting, vermiculture (worm farming), soil health, nutrition, whole grains, food literacy, chickens, and more. As an educator you will play a crucial role in delivering this program, learn how to lead many of these lessons, and get to witness students (and parents too) having an “aha!” moment on the Farm.
Given the importance of this program and the training involved, we ask that our education volunteers commit to 4 hours a week for one school semester. Education volunteer shifts occur:
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays (occasionally Wednesdays)
    8:30 am — 12 pm

If you are interested in becoming an education volunteer or have further questions about Growing Forward, please contact Parker at (724) 421-3827, or

Seed Saving

Can’t make it out to our farm work or education volunteering? No worries, you can still get involved! At TVF we love to save as many seeds as possible for future sowing, both in our own fields as well as garden beds throughout Tucson. To do this, we distribute seed saving kits to volunteers that contain all the necessary supplies for saving seeds. With these kits you will help construct envelopes and fill them with the provided seeds. This is a perfect way for families or large groups to volunteer.
If you are interested in helping TVF save seeds or have further questions, please email