Our Impact

Our Impact

Focus on the Farm

Focus on the Farm is a 4-part series of mini-documentaries produced by David Gilmore about folks whose lives have been impacted by Tucson Village Farm.

Grab some tissues and watch the whole series!

Part 1: Lily McGrath


Part 2: Jocelyn Rossette


Part 3: Susan Kentosh


Part 4: Emile & Pacific

Click below to hear a special message from world-renowned leader and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine: 

Dr. Andrew Weil

Each year we are able to reach about 15,000 people and deliver 65,000 hours of education! That's a whole lot of wellness education right there. 

Many people that come to the farm as young kids stay for a long time. We have many kids that started at age 6 that are now adults working at the farm.